The Brothers Blue

Matthew Sperber – guitar, bass                        Benny Haravitch – banjo, bass, guitar      Charlie Coughlin – fiddle, mandolin                     


Old-Timey Blue Country String Grass Music!

A Finger Lakes born trio of songwriters that flirt with Bluegrass, Celtic, and swampy Cajun country sounds as they weave three-part harmonies over a tapestry of fiddle, banjo, and guitar virtuosity. Featured as emerging artists both by the Greyfox Bluegrass Festival and the Golden Link Folk Singing Society, their performance is well-rounded and polished like river rocks, always reflective of the hills and lakes they came from.  Their tight huddle around the microphone and contemplative songs leave a lasting impression on the lucky listener.

As teenagers, Benny Haravitch and Matthew Sperber began learning songs together on an acoustic guitar they brought on bicycle trips throughout the Finger Lakes region.  Growing up together in Honeoye, NY, the boys came to appreciate playing music early on.  Matthew made his way to Buffalo, NY where he met Irish fiddler Charlie Coughlin, and the trio was forged. Together they spread the joy of fiddle tunes, the strength of community, and the living tradition of folk music.